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[There's the sound of a crash, and a crunch, and then buttonmashing]

Matt! I think this bloody thing broke! I'm tryin' to record me bleedin' message and...

Oh, I think...oh shite.

Uh. Hey. This is Eden. Leave one. If yeh want.

Matt how do I get this bloody thing to shut off?


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[Funny thing, this.

He's thought about going back-- whether he would, if he could. Feels like stepping backwards, though. Things in the City-- fuck, they were easier. Easy a way he can hardly remember, can scarce believe was ever true. Frankie was, he knows, at his best there and then-- no small part Eden's fault, though a lot of it was his too, shaping up after a shit decade wasted while dead. All that's old ghosts, though. Weird as it is he's gotten used to life now-- life that shouldn't be-- so he's decided it'd be rude to run out and back to monopolizing Eden in an alternate dimension, if he had a choice. Not that any of them are thrilled with the arrangement, but it's getting a little more stable and a little less grudging every day. Shame to lose all that hard work.

Visiting, though-- that's not so bad.

The place is as bright and bizarre as ever, living up to the hot technicolor memories that haven't faded yet, years on in his new borrowed home. He corners someone on the street-- a stranger, which is a careful choice-- and gets the date and does the math and realizes he remembers this one from the other side, so he keeps his head down and he curses his luck and he goes looking for a bar he'd never stop in for a drink. He'd figured he might drop by their flat-- he's still got the keys in his pocket, a world away, just in case-- but that seems far too dangerous under the circumstances.

He ducks into the Coliseum on the grounds that he never goes to the Coliseum, doesn't think he knows any regulars, so it ought to be safe enough.

He manages to beg a beer off someone, and settles in to brood over it a while, wondering if he ought to call her up or let things lie. Well, it could be worse.]
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[His first thought is, uncharitably, of course he came too, greedy fuck, didn't bother to say he was gonna march right up, but to his credit Frankie manages to sort it out pretty fast. He's been around the interdimensional block enough.

A cleverer man might've managed to play it off, but he can't smother his faint grin, sheepish as it is. Being glad to see her's just about written into his blood. (If it wasn't, maybe none of them would be in this mess.) That funny little twist of his lip must be a dead giveaway.]

So much for staying out of the way,

[he murmurs, not really upset, and doesn't let her pull her hand away.]
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C'mon, I don't look that bad.

[he jokes, aware it's unfair, since this is bound to be a lot less weird for him than for her. Not that it's not weird.

She looks good, here. Happy enough, not marked by years she hasn't lived yet. Not that he loves her any less for the time she'll spend without remembering-- but Frankie's old enough to think of himself as an old man, even if he doesn't look it, which pretty much means he's entitled to be nostalgic.]

Barely recognizable, yeah?
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[There's something flattering in that desperation, and even if he feels a little bad about it he doesn't pull away. He catches her wrist and lets himself miss it, how simple this used to be.

Not that she doesn't love him, in Belfast. But she doesn't know. She doesn't remember everything like he does. He can't stop grinning at her. Moore's gonna slap him.]

Yeah? Good. Girl I know got me patched up pretty well.

[Possibly he deserves slapping.]
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[Even if he'd made it through that at home, even if he'd lived a life in the world he was born into, even if he'd gone on to rebuild and remake and rediscover-- she'd have no cause to be jealous.

As it is? Fuck, he remade reality for her. Multiple realities. This might be cheating in some weird way, but she shouldn't doubt he loves her.]

I love you, [he answers, maybe a little cryptic but it's the truth.] Have for a long while.

[he says low and softly, the way he'd say it to her now. So honest it aches a little. He leans in just before he says it to brush a kiss on her forehead, the way he always liked 'cos she's just the right height for it, and hopes she takes his meaning.]
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Long story.

[Selfish of him to keep letting her do that but he's only wronging himself, really. He's fairly sure he'd forgive himself.]

Too much magic, is the short version.
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[He looks pretty damn good for a man who ought to have been torn apart. That's magic too, some of it, though a lot's just luck. If you can call fast, massive blood loss luck.

Thing is, he really does.]

He's still an a- [He bites it off and laughs instead, more than a bit rueful.] It's rough, can't lie. We get by, though.
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Would you really wanna know?
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You don't. [There's a pause, like maybe he means he thinks she doesn't want to know, but he picks it up with a slight shake of his head, too-long hair falling back over his face.] All of us end up pretty bruised, though.
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Nothing to be sorry about.
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[he says with a shrug, pulling back a bit. Just enough to grab his beer. He's still wearing the cuff she gave him an age ago, the leather near blackened, the design almost wholly worn away.]

Have to ask him.
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Dunno. Can't with you, figured someone's gotta have a room to let.
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Still better than I deserve.

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